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Info on Vampires

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1Info on Vampires Empty Info on Vampires on Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:04 am



Aging A newly-turned vampire can survive off of their sire's blood and will continue to age until drinking human blood, but this will only work for a limited period of time. Once the vampire drinks human blood, their biology stops completely, and the vampire grows tremendously in strength and power. By drinking human blood for the first time, a vampire evolves into a true vampire.

Natural Abilities Vampires have impressive power and regenerative abilities; this increases with their lineage and age. If they are a noble, then they have permission to turn a human into a vampire.

Weapons In battle, they use their natural abilities as well as different types of weapons. First-class weapons pierce their hands to drink their blood in order to significantly increase their power.

Weaknesses They have immense pride and typically underestimate their human opponents or may refuse to work together with vampires of rival factions.
They can be killed if their heads are destroyed. One bullet will not do the job.
Cursed Gear and Enchanted Gear used by the Japanese Imperial Demon Army limit their healing capabilities and can also kill them using a curse. They can also power-up by drinking human blood at any time.


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