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Lost from the Pack (OPEN)

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1Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Wed Sep 09, 2015 2:43 am


Leaving the safety of Shibuya or even Shinjuku wasn't a rare occurence for those in the imperial army. There job, after all, was to eliminate the vampires, horsemen a like and rescue humans. That later part was more in the fine lines though. As some humans would rather take refuge and become life stock than cross over to the JIDA. In some eyes humans were still, in their eyes, far inferior to vampires. But still that didn't stop the army from advancing forward.

On a mission with his group in between the two city wards Nikolaj seemed to have strayed from the group and was left alone within the city. It wasn't on purpose and yet it wasn't really by accident either. And it certainly wasn't rare for the ever mischievous solider to wander off either. He was merely filling in for someone's position after all. While crossing the group ran into 2 horsemen. Nikolaj spotted a small vampire in the distance. Even knowing orders and high potential of death he chased after it.

It really was a small foot solider as it didn't put up much of a fight. He was even surprised it was a lone and not a trap. No other men or horsemen around. What what it doing here? Nikolaj turned around to return to the group when he realized he had strayed a bit too far and wasn't exactly sure which direction he came form.

"Oya oya.... sergeant isn't gonna be happy....."

2Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Sun Sep 13, 2015 3:17 pm


Daytime, again. Tsu was walking aimlessly with his hands stuffed into his blazer pockets. 'I need to stop waking up during he day,' he was thinking to himself when a scent caught his attention. "Tch, it's only livest- no, it's only a human," he thought aloud. The scent was comig from the direction he lone vampire was walking in although he didn't care,  he carried on walking.

Eventually, he was able to see a figure in the distance, "must be the source of the stench, he spoke, again thinking aloud. He carried on walking until he was a few metres away, it appeared that the peraon before him hadn't noticed his existence yet. "Lost?" Tsu asked nonchalantly. He didn't want to converse but it was better than doing nothing.

3Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Mon Sep 14, 2015 9:03 pm


It was apparent that this was most definitely a dangerous situation. Many soldiers stray afar from the army when fighting, it happens. Caught up in he action or the order to kill. But usually most stayed together in their group formation. Nikolaj was probably never going to hear the end of it later from his superior. If he could find his way back in one piece. Wandering and lost he scratched his head in disbelief he was in this situation. It wasn't really the first time it's happened but he didn't think it would happen again.

Looking around at the rumble and debris he looked around for anything that seemed even remotely familiar to him. It was hard. Everything was in ruins how could one building stand out from the rest when they were all crumbling under his feet. While in though Nikolaj began to feel another was approaching him. A vampire? Horsemen? Or human? Whatever it was he didn't turn toward it right away, until it spoke. He turned to see a vampire right at his view. What bad luck. With the same smile plastered on his face he laughed before responding.

"Hmm~ Seems that way! Are you here to guide me back?"

4Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Mon Sep 14, 2015 9:14 pm


Tsu's face didn't change at the human's response, "you're not my responsibility to take care of.... but if it gets your stench out of my face, I can lead you to your group, " he spoke bluntly. He thought about the possible reactions the man before him might give: the human might attack him, he may seem shocked at what a vampire just said, he might not give a damn. Tsu was unfazed by all the ideas he had. "But it won't boher me I you refuse my help.... it might actually make me smile, " the pinkish white haired said tonelessly.

5Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Tue Sep 15, 2015 1:18 am


How unusual. A rare meeting indeed. Nikolaj had yet to meet a vampire that wasn't ready to bite his head off and drink all the blood in his body. Of course maybe he was just a more refined vampire, if there were such things. What rank could this one be, judging by his outfit and attitude, probably a leader of some sort. Nikolaj continued to smirk and bubble around the vampire.

"How kind of you~ Like a true prince charming!"

Nikolaj joked around. Maybe it was lying to him, or maybe the vampire was telling the truth. He probably had better senses anyways. But eventually by just wandering around Nikolaj was sure to find his group. But still, how could he know the vampire would just let him go... but also this one really didn't seem to give a damn about Nikolaj.

"eh~ Well I would like to see you smile since all you've given me is that cold look"

6Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Tue Sep 15, 2015 12:17 pm


Tsu gave a half-hearted smile in attempt to stop the human speaking nonsense, "I am no prince nor am I charming. I have no time for that sort of thing." The ex-noble stood still for a while before walking past the man, Your group is this way, human. Tsu was not going to wait for the new companion to catch up. If he cared, he would have called himself lucky that the group was in the direction he was heading in, but then he would call himself unlucky as he had no doubt there were more vampires nearby. If we hurry, we might get to them while they're still alive," he spoke, not changing his walking pace.

7Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Thu Sep 17, 2015 4:58 am


"But your smile could make everyone fall for you!"

A smirk that could send shivers through anyone. Because it hid his true intensions or because it was just so unexpected. Nikolaj smiled back and laughed out loud, it wasn't really the time to poke fun at a dangerous enemy but as the current situation stands it didn't seem so bad. What an amusing one indeed. Especially since it was leading Nikolaj to the humans right away.

"Ehhh~ And they say chivalry is dead. Then again are vampires really alive?"

Nikolaj was obviously referring to old human legends that told of vampires, creatures from that had no beating heart with skin as cold as ice that sucked on other humans blood. But those tales also told of garlic and wooden stakes to kill them. In reality those weren't the case. Nikolaj slowly followed along smiling and humming.

"Now now are you actually being nice or are ya leading to my death?"

8Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Thu Sep 17, 2015 6:37 pm


Tsu let out an irritated sigh in response,  "You humans ask so many questions. If I wanted to kill you I wouldn't have gone through the hassle of conversing with you. " Tsu walked in silence after his statement until he got bored of it, "What about you then? Why didn't you kill me at first sight? Or is it you're leading me to my death?" Tsu spoke with his flat tone, he would have laughed at his own remark if he thought irony was funny, if he thought anything was funny.

9Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Fri Sep 18, 2015 5:21 am


A hint of irritation. A special trait of Nikolaj, annoy the heck out of anyone. He did like to incite trouble with people and poke fun at them. A hobby? In ways. It was fun. It was probably wiser not to do such things considering this one could kill but he didn't seem that harmless if he was leading Nikolaj to the way. How courteous for a member of the blood pack.

"We humans are curious creatures after all."

Nikolaj bursted into a fit of laughter at his remark. A joke? Maybe, whether it was or not he couldn't tell since the vampire seemed to have said it with such a straight and never changing face. Except for the smirk that showed it self for a mere second before. Nikolaj calmed himself and smiled catching up to him and walking next to him only a few feet away.

"Ehh~ Nonsense if I was leading to your death I wouldn't be following you. You should follow me~ I didn't kill you cause I wanted to know who my prince charming was"

A light chuckle escaped him as he continued to walk gleefully next to the vampire.

"If i thought I had the upperhand I would like to rip your head off and display it in my room."

With the same smile such words left Nikolaj's mouth. it was in the same joyous tone and yet... the threat was real.

10Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Fri Sep 18, 2015 5:04 pm


Tsu slowed down a little to his companion's words, "Upperhand? I haven't drank human blood for a while so, if I wanted to, I could happily drink you dry," he spat out his words. He carried on walking and, realising he had to explain himself, talking, "You were probably thinking I'm apart of he Fang. I'm not, I left them a while ago. My name is Tsukichi Naitokage but you can call me Tsu, most people do."

Tsu suddenly stopped in his tracks, "We're close to your group, their stench is strong so they must be close by," after he said this he spotted a group of four humans up ahead. 'That must be them,' he hought and started walking towards them again, "I suppose I must leave now, unless you are actually going to kill me wih your group," as he walked closer more figures came into view, 'vampires'. Tsu shrugged at the siht of hem, 'it's not my problem'.

11Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Sat Sep 19, 2015 6:09 am


This vampire was full of surprises no wonder this one seemed so different from the rest. It was Nikolaj's first time meeting a rogue vampire. He didn't even know if there were such things. Why would they stray from the pack? Maybe he was fed up with the hierarchy or just got bored. How fun could the enslavement of human beings be anyways? Tsu. What a cute name for such a rigid guy.

"Nikolaj Watch. Niko is fine. Do you not get thirsty for human blood ?"

As he stopped Nikolaj looked at the direction he looked on towards. A small group of four stood by. It was his team, or at least temporary team. He for sure wasn't very excited to rejoin them. They weren't having such a grand time together after all.

"Eh~ But we were having so much fun! Heh, well I guess if they spotted you we'd have to eliminate you..."

As he trailed off a few more bodies were visible, surely not part of his team. Nikolaj's eyes went sharp but his smile never faded. He stopped walking and kept his eyes on the target.

"But... I guess we have bigger problems."

12Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:10 pm


Although it looked like he didn't care, Tsu was interested in the vampires' actions, 'they didn't use bait... odd'. He quickly moved up to one of the attacking vampires and ripped it's head off. Another vampire recognized him, "Isn't that Lord Naitokage? The Twelfth Progenitor?" Tsu was suddenly behind the vampire that just talked and drew his sword from it's scabbard on his left hip, "Tch, you should learn to keep your mouth shut, also I was the Twelfth Progenitor but not anymore," then cut the other vampire vertically clean in half.

The vampires seemed to back off a bit, gaining distance away from Tsu and the group of humans and another blood sucker spoke up, "I knew you were a traitor. So what are you doing here, Tsu?" The ex-noble sheathed his sword and replied, "I could ask you the same thing, I've noticed you didn't use on of your 'livestock' as bait. Oh and I can't let you hurt these people... I had to be stuck with one of their friends for a little while and I'm not going to let that be for nothing." The vampire assailants snarled at his remark and started to edge closer to Tsu and the group of four humans.

13Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Sun Sep 20, 2015 3:23 am


Even before answering or even commenting on any of Nikolaj's remarks Tsu sprung into action. Easily killing one of the vampires. Taking his head off, such accuracy and grace with his movements. He made it seem so easy, killing a vampire. Nikolaj definitely was surprise. At first the speed and second his true self. A former 12th progenitor... a noble. He knew Tsu must've been someone back when he ran with the pack but still it was surprising to hear. Even before he could catch up Tsu managed to get another one.

The humans were suprised as well to see Tsu and his actions but even more surprised to see Nikolaj right behind him smiling. Running toward them waving as if they were reuniting on such happy grounds. They didn't break formation nor did they stand back but the leader did seem furious.

"Nikolaj! Your actions are costing us our lives right now! Explain yourself and why your with that thing! A progenitor... nice going... we'll be lucky if we see the walls..."

"Now now calm yourself sergeant. Like he said, he ain't a progenitor anymore~ He's my new prince. Believe it or not he led me here."

As the other vampires started to gain close Nikolaj turned to look at all of them and study all their locations. How fun he thought. He looked over at Tsu, for now Niko could assume that he was probably more ready to kill the vampires than the humans. Nikolaj reached into his holsters and pulled out two guns, smiling.

"Tsu Tsu~ Ya need some help?"

14Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Sun Sep 20, 2015 9:56 am


Tsu kept his eyes darting between the attackers to make sure none are going to make any sudden moves,   "I'll be fine, you just have to make sure you survive! " He looked down at his sword and placed his right hand on he handle, 'looks like I'm going to need you,' he houht and slowly drew the blade out the scabbard, "Feed from me, Kokkaku no Higai,' he spoke and suddenly barbed wire shot out from he handle guard and weaved through his arm,  ending at his elbow. They turned from silver to a blood crimson colour as theydrank from their host, the blade suddenly became a dried blood colour and glowed blood red, "So... who's going to make the first move?" Tsu spoke wih a hint of mischief in his voice.

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15Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Tue Sep 22, 2015 5:42 am


"How charming~"

As expected of a progenitor. A blade that drinks his blood and fights for him. Nikolaj looked at it carefully. It certainly was a very high leveled weapon. Time being he was glad they were on Tsu's, or what seemed to be his, good side. From the side of his eye he saw the sergeant ready to make a move along with the others, Nikolaj slowly placed his hand behind him telling him to halt. Quietly whispering.

"Now now sir hold your horses... Like you always say, dont act recklessly now."

"Not the time to be playing perfect solider, these are vampires after all. We should eliminate them when we can, don't disobey my orders."

"I suggest you listen to me and Tsu-kun if you want to leave in one piece. Sergeant."

He spoke lightly with a smirk on his face, yet his sharp eyes sent a shiver down the humans backs. Nikolaj turned back to Tsu with his guns in hand. He was ready, the vampires can't all be directing their attention to the former noble after all. Nikolaj wanted nothing more than to rip their heads off but if his team makes the wrong moves they may lose more than a few drops of blood.

16Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:01 pm


Two already dead. Six left. Tsu looked out the corner of his eye to watch a bloodsucker make the first move. The white robed idiot rushed towards the group of humans, having four of his mates following him. 'Four for them, two for me.... sounds easy enough,' Tsu thought, not paying attention as one of his opponents rushed up to him. "Stay focused!" Tsu turned to face the owner of the voice, drawing his sword at the same time. He managed to just block his opponent's attack, "Tch, you're a waste of an existence... feed from me, Kokkaku no Higai." And with that his sword sent the barbed wires threading through his arm and drinking his blood, turning it's blade dried blood red.

17Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:38 pm


What a mindless attack Nikolaj thought. They all ran straight forward at the humans without any hesitation or plan. From the corner of his eye he could see that Tsu was ready to take them all down in one go but didn't take notice of one of the vampires taking a big chance and swung his blade at him from behind. Nikolaj turned back to the other attackers who were on their way toward his group. The rest of his team mates drew their weapons and got in a stance to defend.

"Lie Ren, wake up."

Suddenly sickle shaped blades appeared below Nikolaj's guns. And just as quickly as the blades appeared, black flames emerged from the guns slowly surrounding Nikolaj. Before the flames could completely cover Nikolaj, he made his move against two of the attackers. Leaving the other ones to cross swords with his other teammates. Nikolaj's speed was quite incredible for a human of his rank. As he engaged two of the enemies he took quick cuts at them both. His movements were like an enchanting dance. If his cuts were successful, the vampires would be caught in the black flames.

"Lie's Wrath."

18Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:27 pm


Tsu stabbed at the vampire who attacked him. The vampire managed to dodge his blade but fell to one knee as blood spurted out from his chest. "H-How!? I dodged your sword?" The bleeding monster questioned. "Simple. Shadow dueling. My shadow stabbed your shadow so technically I stabbed you. Cheap move but it works." Tsu suddenly turned to block the other vampire. "Aren't you cocky!?" Tsu replied with a knee to the gut and the second vampire fell back. "How are you holding up other there, Niko?" Tsu said as he kicked the first vampire in the head, breaking it's neck and killing it.

//OOC: Really hope I'm not making Tsu OP.

19Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Wed Sep 30, 2015 5:37 am


One vampire burned without another second to even counter attack. The other one was lucky enough to just barely dodge it and roll to the side before standing back up to another fighting stance. The unlucky one was caught in the black flames, trying to put them out. Fruitless efforts but it was pretty entertaining to watch. The other one engaged Nikolaj again with a direct sword attack, which was easily caught with Niko's blade. He smiled at the vampire while responding to Tsu.

"I'm having a great time thanks!"

Nikolaj managed to push back the vampire back, making it stumble. Before he could catch his footing Nikolaj raced toward the being and slit his throat. A clean 'x' emerged onto his throat. And with blood everywhere the vampire died. There was still 1-2 he remembered engaging with his team mates. He looked over at Tsu who could probably handle himself and ran over to the other ones.

"It's been awhile since I've had this much fun!"

(ooc: I'm counting this as a non-plot related thread. With very low tier vampires I presume so its fine)

20Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Mon Oct 19, 2015 11:01 pm


//OOC: Sorry. Been quite busy! ^_^;

Tsu looked back at the groups of humans with a blank expression. "You think killing is fun? I can't tell who is more twisted sometimes." He turned to face his opponent again and, as if reading each other's minds, the two vampires rushed at each other. There swords clashed and locked in an equal balance of strength. "Huh, you're not as strong as you let on." The Fang scum commented with a smirk.

Suddenly the swords started to unbalance in Tsu's favor. "No, I just wasn't trying... that's all." The other vampire jumped back in retreat but Tsu was close after him. Tsu cut The Fang member into quarters; perfectly in half horizontally and perfectly in half vertically.

21Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Tue Oct 20, 2015 5:41 am


ooc: no problem! Real life is important!

Nikolaj jumped into the air and flew down at one of the vampires. As he engaged the other team members backed up. Getting into a defensive formation as Nikolaj's back up in case he needed. Laughing Nikolaj was in a swordplay with the vampire with a full on smile on his face. This made the vampire mad. Thinking how can this lowly human engage in battle with him and laugh like that as if it was no big deal. Nikolaj saw an opening to his right and took a swing at his head. Shoving the blade right through the skull.

"Of course killing vampires is fun!"

Nikolaj backed up and signaled the other two to help out the other team mates. With the amount of them it should be easy to take down one vampire. Nikolaj ran toward Tsu and stopped at a few feet away. Tsu made clean cuts, almost beautiful. Like a chef with a slab of meat.

"Of course. Humans are infinitely more twisted. But vampires are infinitely more despicable."

22Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Mon Oct 26, 2015 2:41 pm


Tsu watched as the last vampire he killed disintegrated. "So, are you alright over there?" Tsu spoke before slowly turning around to face the Demon Army squad. He stayed where he stood, observing the fight, not getting involved unless they wanted him to. He lifted his wrist to his face and bit it, drinking his own blood once again. 'This could be the last time I get away with drinking my own blood, I was lucky I got this far,' he thought to himself.

23Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Mon Oct 26, 2015 10:28 pm


"Just fine~"

The group got the last vampire without a problem. Few were panting a little at the unexpected confrontation with the enemy. But not enough to stop moving forward. At Tsu's questions the army stood back a little on guard. It was frightening after all, a vampire of his class right in front. The leader looked at Nikolaj who turned their back at them, smiling at Tsu. He walked over and laughed a little.

"A vampire drinking his own blood? You really a different one ain't ya~ But don't ya guys need human blood to keep on moving?"

Nikolaj pulled back his weapons into the holster and brushed off the dirt on his pants while speaking to Tsu. He looked back and motioned the others to relax.

24Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Thu Oct 29, 2015 8:51 pm


Tsu stopped drinking. "Correct, Vampires do need human blood... but as long as I can drink from my wrist and survive I'll be happy." He spoke with his flat tone. " I don't suppose you need moe for anything else so I'll let you continue on." Tsu sheathed his sword and looked at the squad, Just don't be idiots and try something that will kill you all." The former Fang turned and started walking away after he finished his last sentence.

25Lost from the Pack (OPEN) Empty Re: Lost from the Pack (OPEN) on Thu Oct 29, 2015 10:27 pm


What a strange vampire. As long as he can drink his own blood he's happy? Nikolaj bursted out laughing at this. Survive? But for how long? Tsu is powerful as he is now, but what about in the future? Soon it'll back fire. He can't continue to drink his own blood and be able to continue. There had to be a price paid for it eventually. It all the vampires could be happy for lucky and drink their own blood to live they wouldn't enslave humans. Then again, we are just livestock so what would the humans feelings matter.

"Wait a minute~"

Niko caught up to Tsu again and pulled out a small metal bottle from his pack. He dumped the water inside and held the bottle under his arm while pulling out his blade once more. Niko made a large gash on his arm and let the blood drink into the bottle. He took out a handkerchief and wrapped the wound. Closing it, Nikolaj handed the bottle of blood to Tsu with a smile.

"Small thank you. I want to be able to kill you in the future. And if you're weak it won't be much of a fight either... Whether you drink it or not is up to you of course. Toss it if ya want."

Nikolaj turned around and ran back to his squad who glared at him with hatred. His squad leader was most furious of them all. He didn't have time to yell though, both Tsu and Niko saved the squad from the imminent danger. Nikolaj turned around one more time and waved goodbye at Tsu.

"Let's meet again my love~"

The squad began to leave with the squad leader leading them back to the army's base. Nikolaj continued to smile and whispered something to the team.

"Now I'll file the paper work for this so you all don't whisper a word ya hear~"

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