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Info on Demons

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1Info on Demons Empty Info on Demons on Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:24 am



There are two different kind of demons. The ones who are sealed in a weapon (Cursed Gear) and the ones who are not and are free. This info is on the ones that aren't sealed

Life A demon is never born as a demon. In their past life's they used to be a vampire but because they starved from not drinking human blood they turned into a demon. There are also other ways but those are still unknown. It's very rare but in some cases a demon could have even been a human or other creature in their past life.

Natural Abilities Demons don't age but also don't naturally die and can only die from being killed. However a normal weapon won't just kill them but a special spell or ritual has to be performed.

Weapons Demons don't use special weapons but have instead special magical powers/abilities to use as a weapon. Often those powers use elements like fire, water, shadow and other elements.

Weaknesses Since most demons have been a vampire in their past life they can't handle seeing or smelling human blood. When losing control and drinking to much human blood they can die. In some cases the demon becomes vampire again. Demons are also weak against seal spells which humans use to seal them in weapons.


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