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Info on Angels

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1Info on Angels Empty Info on Angels on Tue Aug 04, 2015 2:05 am



Angels are humans who are being tested on without them knowing. They poses the Seraph gene and are used as weapons of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. The term Seraph refers to a type of angel.

Abilities Not much is known yet about angels but they are capable of making a contract with the strongest kind of demons without dying and are stronger than a normal human being.

Bersek Humans in the military use a special type of supplement to become stronger for a short period of time. They normally only take 1 since 2 could destroy your organs with the possibility to even die and 3 kills you without a doubt. When angels use this supplement the Seraph gene starts to show themselves. The angels eye white turns black and starts to bleed while a massive wing-like structure sprouts from their upper left shoulder. They become extremely powerful but they displays no interest in vampires and recognizes no one. while attempting to kill every human near by. When getting back to normal the angel won't remember a thing that happened.

When haven taken more than one pil of the supplement their body won't, just like a normal be able to take it but the power of the gene will prevent them from dying.


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