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Seraph of the End Rp

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1Seraph of the End Rp Empty Seraph of the End Rp on Thu Mar 24, 2016 3:21 am

OG Cut

Seraph of the End Rp Serpah11

We are a text based role playing forum about Seraph of the End. The series is set in a world where a virus has wiped out most of humanity, allowing vampires to enslave the rest of the human race. Though other similar series concepts maybe included in our role play.

Our Role play allow our members to work at their own pace to advance. We are govern by tiers which are progressed by gaining Experience. Experience is very easy to come by ,all you have to do is role play and stay active. We also have a Tier system that sets attubuites. This Tier system is govern by stats points, allowing people to increase them by training, or sparing.

We welcome role play of all types. The Social butterflies of are role play will fit in perfectly here, as they will have a great chance to earn our development tokens. The development tokens are worth 10 exp, and all you really have to do is make new relationships and grow as a character. For our Spartan type role players you can fighting as much you want and earn lots of stats points by having brawls. A side from they that our role players gain experience points from every rp post.

The Combat system is very simple. You start from the bottom and train your way to people strong. Stats points allow you to rise up tiers and increase your physical capabilities. While experience can unlock great power for you weapon ability tiers. Abilities and spellcraft work on the same system, although the spellcraft has a shorter distance.

Everyone in our community effects the plot. It is highly recommend for everyone to participate in an Arc or start one of your own. Each person can push their own storyline, to fallow their own story. This will benefit by giving role players development tokens and plenty of experience points.

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