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1Shop Empty Shop on Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:08 pm


Here you can find everything you can buy with your points. Points can be earned by RPing. If you want to buy something post the template below in a reply on this topic.


[b]Name:[/b] Name of the account and character you want to buy this for<br>
[b]Item:[/b] What do you want to buy and how much points does it cost.

Weapons and spells
Mass-produced Cursed Gear - 250 points
Cursed Gear - 700 points
Normal weapon - 30 points
Spell - 50 points
Demon seal spell - 100 points

Rank up from I rank to II rank - 20 points
Rank up from II rank to III rank - 40 points
Rank up from III rank to IV rank - 60 points
Rank up from IV rank to V rank - 80 points
Rank up from V rank to VI rank - 110 points
Rank up from VI rank to VII rank - 140 points
Rank up from VII rank to VIII rank - 170 points
Rank up from VIII rank to X rank - 200 points
Rank up from X rank to XI rank - 240 points
Rank up from XI rank to XII rank - 280 points
Rank up from XII rank to XIII rank - 320 points
Rank up from XIII rank to XIV rank - 380 points
Rank up from XIV rank to XV rank - 450 points

Pet - 20 points
Race switch - 5 points


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