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Tsukishima Hayato [WIP]

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1Tsukishima Hayato [WIP] Empty Tsukishima Hayato [WIP] on Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:41 pm


tsukishima hayato
Straight2nd seraph

Hayato is a young man at his teens, being averagely tall for his age - something close to 175cm - that has a slim but well-built body, thanks to the routine training. His skin is so white it is almost pale, thanks to the albinism, and so is his hair, that is smooth and moderately short. His eyes are red coloured and bright aggressively when he's in the so-called Berserk. As for clothing, he uses mostly anything black and white themed - the usual is a black shirt with white striped patterns and white pants, alongside black or white shoes. In some situations, he is seen wearing a white coat with some fur around the neck region. Additionally, he often uses a black choker as an accessory.

Tsukishima Hayato [WIP] Hayato_Portrait_01
Tsukishima Hayato [WIP] Hayato_Portrait_02

Hayato is a very calm and always-in-a-good-mood person, most of the time, often sitting alone to eat or read a book, and he rarely speaks much when talking to someone who isn't very close to him. Aside from that, he can be quite friendly and talkative to those he is used to, to the point of joking and laughing alongside them without too much trouble. When talking to the closer friends, he can actually be quite sarcastic and relaxed, what someone who doesn't know him can find hard to believe. Very intelligent, he tends to analyze every situation before acting and often finds himself thinking about many things at once. Getting him angry is a difficult task, as he is very cool-headed, and mocking him usually comes to nothing.

When in a battle, he becomes even more analytical and thinks well before doing something that can put him or his allies and the civilians on risk. His moves are, in most of the time, well-calculated and use logic before instinct, and his first priority is trying to find the weaknesses of the enemies, of which he can take advantage of. Very disciplined and diligent, taking orders is not a problem for him, and he usually deals with them with perfection. If he enters in the Berserk state, he turns into a very different person - sadistic, aggressive and insane, Hayato goes completely out of control, attacking any living being in sight.

Tell us your characters background. How did you end up where you are now with your rank and such. At least 250 words long. Higher ranks can be asked to make a longer background to earn this spot.
played by beel'zebub

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