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1Races Empty Races on Mon Aug 03, 2015 5:58 pm



The letal virus has wiped out most of humanity but not all. Those still alive are trying to rebuild city's and get the world back to how it used to be. With vampires ruling the world, humans have to protect themselves and use Cursed Gear or also the power of a demon sealed in a weapon to fight back against the vampires.

Races A512
* Can become vampire when drinking the blood of a vampire.
* 0,01% Can become a demon but how is unknown

Vampires are an immortal race of humanoid beings that feed on the blood of humans. Vampires, despite being former humans themselves, they look down on humans and consider them nothing but mere livestock. They dislike increasing their numbers and very rarely turn a human into a vampire. This happens when a human drinks the blood of a vampire. Vampires can only be killed with Cursed Gear and when starving they don't die but turn into a demon.

Races A224
* Can become Demon when starving or other deaths

Demons are the source of magical powers. They used to be vampires, who were later turned into demons under certain circumstances. They can be sealed in what the humans call Cursed Gear and are used by the Japanese Imperial Demon Army as a weapon against the vampires. Vampires who refuse to drink human blood will end up becoming a demon but it's even said that every vampire will become a demon in the end. There are story's that not all demons were formerly vampire but that some where even human in their past life.

Races A612
* 50% can become vampire when drinking human blood

Angels are used as weapons of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. Only some higher ups know this really exist. There's only a few of them. They are normal humans with a special gene and have better chances to get a stronger Cursed Gear. Most don't even know they have the gene. They are live subjects, who are heavily medicated in order to force them into submission. According to some people, they are vital to humanity's survival. When their true power shows they often get out of control, forgetting what they are and see every living being as something that needs to die. Black energy floats from their back appearing as if they have one wing. A demon once said "Angels can be far nastier than demons"

Races A131
* Can become vampire when drinking the blood of a vampire.
* 0,01% Can become a demon but how is unknown

Just like the word says, this are humans who got infected with the lethal virus. Even thought it's not that common anymore to get this virus, there's still people getting infected. Only humans get infected and it's extremely rare to get better from this sickness. Humans are still trying to find a cure but have failed until now.

Races A320

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