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Dominick L. King [W.I.P]

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1Dominick L. King [W.I.P] Empty Dominick L. King [W.I.P] on Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:26 pm


Dominick L. King

Dominick L. King, is a young african american born soldier, who typically wears his hair in a short dreaded fashion, with his sides cut off. He's about 5'9, weighing about 168 lbs. Other than the uniform, he preforms to wear cargo pants, combat boots & tank tops. He wears glasses but his vision is decent without them. He tends to wear a tooth necklace around his neck.
Dominick L. King [W.I.P] Downlo10

Dominick isn't a person who likes to waste time. He believes those who prove it to him are superior & all others are inferior. He's not as cocky as the vampire's as he seems very modest at most points around his lifetime. When the world went to hell, his beliefs stayed the same as he believed there was no god from the start of everything. With much desire, he loves a good fight and is shown to be mighty fair. He tends to rely on luck more than anything as seen playing games with vampires flipping coins to decided their fate. Unlike most supervisors, he tends to let soldiers do as they please, because experience is the best lesson.

Tell us your characters background. How did you end up where you are now with your rank and such. At least 250 words long. Higher ranks can be asked to make a longer background to earn this spot.
played by ooc name

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