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Summer's Breeze (OPEN)

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1Summer's Breeze (OPEN) Empty Summer's Breeze (OPEN) on Tue Aug 11, 2015 4:27 am


Mid august and yet the sun that beat down onto the city of Shibuya wasn't harsh. In fact there was a cool breeze that came through, it was a sign autumn was approaching soon enough. This once thriving city of thousands was beaten down to rubble, but the weather never really seemed to change, a good feeling to those who knew what it was really like before the attacks ever happened.

A lone solider breezed through the rooftops of the buildings. Almost gliding and flying with the wind like a free bird. In uniform he was a member of the JIDA. A man such as himself, what was he doing loitering around? His top button loose as if really suggesting he was having time to himself and taking a break from military activities, but was that really the case?

Nikolaj stopped to stare out at the distant cityscape, trying to eye the walls he has passed once or twice before, fighting within the front lines. Humming a random tune, like a child trying to find something fun to do. But in reality he was just avoiding work. He might've been more than just a foot solider but he still had paper work here and there. Or other duties or orders to attend to. And if from a decent superior he would attend to them with haste, at this moment he wasn't feeling up to the task.

"What a bother~"

2Summer's Breeze (OPEN) Empty Re: Summer's Breeze (OPEN) on Mon Aug 17, 2015 5:48 pm


On one of those roof tops a girls was laying down, her eyes staring with a glazed look up at the sky. She wasn't wearing the uniform but in stead was dressed in some sort of sailor uniform. Her sword close to her body with one arm around it in case she suddenly needed it. This was the kind of weather she liked the most. The sun shining and a cold breeze to cool everything down. Footsteps where heard but Miyumi didn't pay much attention to it. She was too focused on the sky, watching the small fluffy white clouds drift by until something suddenly blocked the sunlight for a moment.

She frowned and sat up looking at the edge of the roof finding someone dressed in the JIDA uniform. This guy had stopped for a moment and seemed to gaze over at the walls that where supposed to protect them from everything outside. Hearing him mutter something about a bother she cleared her throat before she spoke and blankly stared at his back "If you are planning to go there at least bring some more people with you... unless you got a death wish.." she softly said but still loud enough for the guy to hear. Miyumi just let those word out to remind him of the danger not knowing if he was only looking or actually wishing to go outside.


3Summer's Breeze (OPEN) Empty Re: Summer's Breeze (OPEN) on Tue Aug 18, 2015 7:14 am


Without even realizing it Nikolaj had stepped into someone else's territory. Not to say she owned the place but fair to say he did step into someone else's zone while they were obviously relaxing but was she? Niko turned his head slightly but not before putting on his usual sly grin. A girl, not a solider but she did carry a weapon. Was she a student? Even if she was a student it was rare for them to be have such things, even a mass produced weapon. For a person that seemed to be relaxing they also held onto the sword, as if ready for combat. Even in a safe zone like Shibuya.

"Arah sorry miss didn't mean to bother ya!"

Nikolaj stepped back removing his shadow that laid on top of her like a blanket. His footsteps light like a feather, barely making a noise as his heels made contact with the rooftop. Her comment made him chuckle a little. Go outside the walls? How splendid that would've been if it was so easy for him to just waltz out like that without a care in the world. He has once or twice but immediately got caught and reprimanded. He stared at the walls again as if looking at an old friend.

"Hmmm I think I'll be alright but thanks for the concern."

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