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Mass-produced Cursed Gear

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1Mass-produced Cursed Gear Empty Mass-produced Cursed Gear on Mon Aug 03, 2015 11:05 pm



Cursed Gear
Mass-Produced Cursed Gear and Cursed Gear are one of the weapons used by the military and the only thing that can actually kill a vampire.

Mass-produced Cursed Gear is a much weaker form of Cursed Gear. Usually a lower lower class weapon. These can increase a regular human's strength by 3-4 times.

Cursed Gear weapons are so powerful that they revolutionized the world and forced traditional magics to fall into disuse. A demon is sealed inside of these, and these can increase a normal person's standard ability. This gear has the convenient ability to remain in a smaller, more portable size or manifest into the full-sized weapon at will. These weapons may have the power to cast blessings or curses.

Manifestation Manifestation is the state in which the user lets his or her contracted demon come out and be able to use its special power. This drastically reduces the defensive abilities of the host since the demon moves elsewhere. The type of ability varies.

Possession-type If the demon's malice is too strong, it is ferocious and refuses to submit so easily. These demons are mean and aggressive. This is the type hell-bent on possessing its user, and it is common for them to engage in close combat to display their might. Weapons like this cannot shrink like other weapons because they are in this category.
They are more well-balanced for offense and defense than manifestation-types because activating their particular capabilities does not leave their hosts vulnerable. They increase the physical strength and power of their user. They are typically limited to close-range combat for melee fighting. Possession-type demons are not supposed to have the special abilities seen with manifestation-type demons.


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