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Rules and Regulations

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1 Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations on Sun Aug 02, 2015 4:50 am



Rules and Regulations
Below is the list of rules, if you have any problems with them please let a staff member know. We expect you to follow rules of conduct when doing so. If you don't follow them it can lead to a Ban.


  • Everyone on this site is here to have a good time one way or another, so please be respectful to everyone else on this site. This means no harassing, flaming, trolling or verbally abusing anyone else on this site. Anyone that is being harassed, contact an Admin right away and we will take care of the situation.
  • No Spamming. This means that you shouldn't double post or post anything in a thread that isn't relevant to thread. This keeps threads and forums from being cluttered. We have a special board to spam on which is called spam.
  • If you feel that there is corruptness with the admins or mods, or unfair treatment and you have substantial proof, then bring it to an administrator and they will further the investigation, dealing with it accordingly.
  • For advertisements to other sites please post them only in the Advertisement section. It is why that section is there, if an ad is posted anywhere else it will be deleted and the person who placed will receive a warning.
  • This site is meant to be fun for everyone. For that reason no excessive swearing, sexual content or overly graphic content is allowed in the ChatBox. Anyone who breaks this rule will be warned, if it persists they will be banned from the Chatbox for an amount of time. Any time from 1 hour to indefinite depending on how much this persists.


  • To be able to post almost anywhere on this site you must have an approved Character. To make one go to the Creation Section and create your character, power/weapon or even a pet if you want.
  • Every account can have 1 weapon/power and 1 pet for free. More have to be bought with points.
  • You can only have 1 character per account. If you wish to have another character you need to make another account. We do not have a max. for accounts but you can not have all your characters at the top of their rank.
  • If you are inactive for 3 weeks or longer without given a reason for being inactive staff may remove your rank so this will be open for other people to use.
  • You may have multiple threads at one time and you can post in different locations if you wish. We do ask that you don't take on more threads than you can handle, it clutters the site and is unfair to those you post with.
  • In Character posts are required to be at least 5-6 sentences long. It makes the storyline on the site much more enriching. One to two line posts is strictly prohibited. Any posts like that are that short will be deleted and the poster will receive a warning. Threads that are full of short posts will be deleted entirely.
  • Respect the posting order. However, we have a 24 hour rule that states that if a person in the topic didn't post within 24 hours and it's already their turn to post, the rest of the members can continue without them whereby they can just catch up later when they get on.
  • No Godmodding or Metagaming. These terms can mean any of the following and are not allowed. Instant dodge, I'm sorry but just doing a back flip doesn't make you dodge everything. Auto or instant hits, you can't automatically hit someone, if they can't block dodge your attack its a hit but you cant just say it hits.
  • If at anytime you think you'll be making a thread that is very gory, gruesome, or violent mark your topic with (Mature). Sexual content however doesn't apply, it is strictly banned. If you wish to do something like that with your RP partner please do it though PMs.
  • Due to the nature of this site there will most likely be fighting. For every fight we have some rules. What happens in a fight can affect the character such as missing limbs and things like that. Fights can even lead to death or race change but everything that affects another character has to be approved bij the owner of the other character. Meaning you can't kill or cut someones leg off or turn someone into a vampire when they say no.
  • Now the last and maybe even the most important rule, Have fun.


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