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Mikoto Kaneda [W.I.P]

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1Mikoto Kaneda [W.I.P] Empty Mikoto Kaneda [W.I.P] on Wed Aug 26, 2015 3:24 pm

Mikoto Kaneda

Mikoto Kaneda
angelJIDA (Moon Demon squadron)
Heterosexualrank 1


Mikoto's appearance is very normal. He has a short black hair, and he has a pair of chocolate eyes. He stands for 163 cm, and he has 74 kg for weight.

Mikoto Kaneda [W.I.P] Dfx2z9

How does your character look, hair, eyes, what does he she wear. Write at least 100 words. If you want you can also upload a picture (make sure to put it in a spoiler.

Mikoto is a simple person. try to give us a good explanation on how your character behaves. Example: in battle, serious, happy, hyper, suicidal, loner, evil, etc. Write at least 150 words.

Tell us your characters background. How did you end up where you are now with your rank and such. At least 250 words long. Higher ranks can be asked to make a longer background to earn this spot.
played by Snow

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